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So, the LA LUPA adventure started around eight years ago when I was wandering the cobbled streets near the Spanish Steps with my partner, Lorenzo, who is from Rome. I am originally from Auckland but lived for many years in London and have now spent the past 14 years travelling all around Italy with Lorenzo. A country that we love very much.

During my regular visits, I noticed stylish Italian women wearing vibrant coloured handbags that added such a bold statement to their outfits. I was determined to be bold too and was on the lookout for my own vibrant orange tote bag. One day near the Spanish Steps I walked past a beautiful boutique and there was my perfect orange bag in the shop window. I purchased it there on the spot – and returned the next day and bought the same bag in bright yellow and turquoise.

When I returned to London, I was constantly stopped by women asking where I had bought my gorgeous coloured leather handbags …. so, this got me thinking and soon after I was about to embark on a new and exciting business venture.

With Lorenzo’s help (and invaluable translation skills) and many visits to various manufacturers around Italy, LA LUPA Handbags was created when we returned to live in NZ. Our business is still based in Auckland; however, the adventure continues back here in Italy where we are now living. We decided it was important to spend more time with Lorenzo’s family in Rome and we can now visit our manufacturers regularly in Tuscany as we add new bags and leather colours to the collection. It also enables us to work more closely with our manufacturers to produce beautiful and versatile handcrafted leather handbags. From classic black to my favourite bright orange, our LA LUPA handbags are available in an array of wonderful colours and styles to add a touch of Italian elegance to your wardrobe.


Tara and Lorenzo.


Our Brand

From Italy where style is second nature.

LA LUPA Handbags is based in Auckland and named in honour of the ancient mythological Roman she-wolf,  La Lupa. 

Italian leather handbags have always been associated with elegance, quality and style and strong links to centuries of traditional leather techniques and manufacturing.

At LA LUPA we want to offer our customers beautiful and functional handbags in an array of colours that are made with attention to detail and premium leather that becomes more precious with time. 

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